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Our team at Master Strip Outs are your go-to experts for all your appliance removal needs in the Northern Beaches.

With a rich experience and a dedicated team, we provide unrivalled appliance removal services to help clear your space effortlessly. Whether it's outdated white goods or old home electronics, our appliance removal services are designed to provide you with a hassle-free solution.

Trust us to handle your requirements with efficiency, safety, and utmost professionalism.

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Types Of Furniture We Remove

At Master Strip Outs, we offer comprehensive appliance removal services equipped to handle a wide range of appliances. Our services cater to diverse needs and cover various types of appliances:

  • Refrigerators and Freezers: From compact mini-fridges to large commercial freezers, single-door units to modern side-by-side refrigerators, we can safely and efficiently remove all types and sizes.

  • Washing Machines and Dryers: Our team is experienced in the removal of top-loading and front-loading washing machines, vented and condenser dryers, and even larger commercial laundry equipment.

  • Ovens, Stovetops, and Ranges: We can handle all kinds of cooking appliances, whether it's a simple electric oven, a gas range, or a complex cooktop. Our team has the know-how to safely disconnect and remove these items.

  • Air Conditioners: From portable AC units to window and split air conditioners, right up to large central air conditioning systems, we ensure safe, environmentally-friendly disposal.

  • Dishwashers: We handle all types and sizes of dishwashers, from slimline models to full-sized and even commercial units.

  • Home Electronics: Our service covers a wide array of home electronics, including televisions, desktop computers, laptops, gaming consoles, and audio systems.

  • Small Kitchen Appliances: We also cater to the removal of smaller appliances like microwaves, coffee machines, blenders, toasters, and other kitchen essentials.

  • Heaters and Furnaces: Whether it's an electric heater, a gas furnace, or a wood-burning stove, we've got you covered.

  • Large Commercial Appliances: We are also capable of handling larger commercial appliances, including commercial fridges, deep fryers, grills, and more.

Remember, this list is not exhaustive. If you have an appliance that isn't listed here, please get in touch with us. We are always happy to discuss your individual needs and find a way to accommodate your appliance removal requests.

Our Appliance Removal Service

At Master Strip Outs, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier, hassle-free appliance removal services. Our process is tailored to ensure maximum convenience, minimum disruption, and a smooth experience for our customers. Here's a step-by-step breakdown of our service:

  • Initial Consultation: The first step is understanding your unique needs. We start by conducting a comprehensive consultation, which allows us to assess the volume and types of appliances to be removed. This consultation also helps us provide an accurate, no-obligation quote for our services.

  • Scheduling the Removal: After the consultation, we schedule the appliance removal at a time that suits you best. We understand how busy life can be, which is why we strive to accommodate your schedule as much as possible.

  • Removal Process: Our experienced team will arrive at the scheduled time and swiftly remove all the appliances, taking care to avoid any damage to your property. We are trained to handle appliances of all types and sizes, ensuring a seamless removal process.

  • Safe Disposal and Recycling: Master Strip Outs is committed to eco-friendly practices. After removal, we ensure the safe and responsible disposal of all appliances. We adhere strictly to local regulations and make efforts to recycle or repurpose items whenever possible.

  • Post-Removal Cleanup: We don't just remove your appliances; we make sure to leave your space clean and tidy. Our team will perform a thorough cleanup of the area after the removal process, ensuring you can enjoy your new, decluttered space immediately.

Whether you're renovating your kitchen, upgrading your appliances, or simply decluttering, Master Strip Outs is your go-to service for efficient, reliable, and eco-conscious appliance removal.

Why Choose Master Strip Outs For Appliance Removal?

Choosing the right appliance removal service is crucial in ensuring a stress-free and efficient process. Here's why Master Strip Outs stands out as the preferred choice for appliance removal:

  • Experience and Expertise: With years of experience in the industry, our team is adept at handling appliances of all types and sizes. We understand the nuances involved in safely removing and disposing of various appliances, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.

  • Commitment to Sustainability: At Master Strip Outs, we are committed to environmental stewardship. We adhere to eco-friendly practices in our operations, ensuring the safe and responsible disposal of appliances. We strive to recycle or repurpose items whenever possible, minimising waste and contributing to a sustainable future.

  • Competitive Pricing: We believe in providing exceptional service without breaking the bank. Our pricing is transparent and competitive, ensuring you receive value for money without any hidden costs.

  • Efficiency: We understand that time is valuable. That's why we work diligently to schedule and carry out appliance removals swiftly and efficiently, minimising disruption to your routine.

  • Excellent Customer Service: Our customers are at the heart of what we do. From the initial consultation to the final cleanup, we provide personalised service and constant communication, ensuring you're informed and satisfied every step of the way.

For leading appliance removal services that are efficient, environmentally friendly, and competitively priced, choose Master Strip Outs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding our customer's needs and addressing their queries is a cornerstone of our service. Here are some frequently asked questions about our appliance removal services. If you don't see your question here, feel free to contact us!

What types of appliances do you remove?

We handle a wide variety of appliances, including but not limited to refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, ovens, dishwashers, air conditioners, and more. If you have a specific appliance not mentioned in our list, please contact us, and we will assist you accordingly.

What happens to the appliances after removal?

Sustainability is one of our core values. We strive to dispose of all appliances responsibly. Many are taken to recycling facilities where parts can be reused or recycled.

Do I need to disconnect my appliances before removal?

What's included in the removal service cost?

While disconnecting appliances can make the process faster, our team is fully equipped and trained to safely disconnect and remove your appliances if needed.

Can you remove appliances from any floor in a building?

Yes, our team is experienced in removing appliances from all types of properties, whether it's a ground-floor shop or a high-rise apartment.

What are your rates for appliance removal?

Our rates vary depending on the size and number of appliances, as well as the location and access to the property. We offer transparent, competitive pricing with no hidden fees. For an accurate quote, please contact us directly.

Our Client Testimonials

We believe in letting our work speak for itself, and who better to share about our appliance removal services than our satisfied customers? Here's what some of them had to say:

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